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Through 30 Blessings, we gather together to prepare 30 freezer meals for families and individuals facing challenges. These meals go beyond nourishment; they symbolize our commitment to walking alongside one another in times of need, reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus. By coming together in this tangible way, we aim to transform our neighborhoods, one meal at a time, leaving a lasting impact that echoes the grace and kindness of our Savior.



30 Blessings is dedicated to providing support and nourishment for families and individuals in need. Rooted in BNC’s mission to “Impact Our Neighborhoods for Jesus,” we strive to demonstrate God’s love by being missional neighbors. Every quarter, our dedicated volunteers come together to prepare 30 unique freezer meals for each family or individual in need. These meals are designed to feed four adults and are distributed to alleviate the burden of meal preparation during challenging times.



Quarterly Meal Preparation: Once every quarter, a group of volunteers gathers at BNC to prepare 30 unique and nutritious meals for each family or individual. These meals are stored in ziplock freezer bags for easy transportation and storage.

Off-Schedule Support: Although our “big” gatherings happen quarterly, meals are available anytime there is a need. We ensure that no family or individual goes hungry by providing meals as requests come in.

Connect: If you know a family in need or if your own family could benefit from our meals, you can connect with us by filling out a request. We believe in making this support accessible and easy.



There are several ways you can support 30 Blessings:

  • Volunteer: Join us during our quarterly gatherings. The upcoming event schedule is available here. Your hands and heart can make a significant difference in our community. As we serve together, we grow together in our faith and commitment to Jesus’ teachings.
  • Financial Support: Every contribution, big or small, helps us continue our mission to love our neighbors as ourselves.
  • Connect Families in Need: If you know a family or individual who could benefit from our meals, please let us know. Your connection can provide much-needed relief and support, embodying the love of Christ.
  • Do-It-Yourself Recipes: For those who want to prepare these meals themselves, we have all of the recipes available in a PDF. This way, you can extend the blessing and demonstrate Jesus’ love within your own neighborhood.



This goes beyond BNC. If your church or group is interested in hosting your own 30 Blessings ministry, we are here to help get you started! From sharing our recipes to providing guidance on organizing the event, we are committed to spreading the impact of 30 Blessings far and wide. Together, we can reach more hearts and homes with the message of Jesus’ love.

Connect with 30 Blessings

If you or someone you know would be blessed to receive meals from 30 Blessings, please contact us. Whether you are connecting a family in need or requesting meals for yourself, we are here to support you.

Wrap up content?

Together, we can impact our neighborhoods for Jesus.
Let us be the hands and feet of Christ, impacting our neighborhoods for Jesus, one meal at a time.
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Prayer is crucial. Your supportive prayers help us to align our hearts and efforts with God’s will.

Are you an intercessor? We would love to have you join our prayer team!


Time is precious, and gifting your time to volunteer will keep these community ministries successful! There are many places to help, and we would love to partner with you on impacting our neighborhoods for Jesus. Contact us to find out more!


Your financial gifts are how we continue to impact our neighborhoods for Jesus. You can give in person, via text, or online.

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Our Thursday emails are meant to help you stay connected with what's going on at BNC! Each week we sent out an email with a praise report and information on upcoming church-wide events.

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